Camp Doglando: Two Week Day Camps




Summer camp at Doglando offers youths ages 10-13 the opportunity to learn how to dog responsibly! Starting with what qualities to look for in a pet and working through how and where to acquire the “right” dog, campers will then experience first hand what is involved in caring for and training a dog all in an effort to increase understanding of what a dog needs to live a happy, healthy life as a companion. Over the course of the two-week summer camp, participants will be actively preparing dogs to be adopted into awaiting forever homes. This summer camp is a must for kids who have wanted a dog, and parents who are not so sure their child is ready. We will provide the unique opportunity for kids to work in teams training and caring for a specific dog on a daily basis; learning what it means to be a prepared and responsible pet parent.    


The goal of this camp is to provide campers with hands on experiences and education while making the dogs they work with more adoptable. Each two-week session will be broken down into daily topics; the campers (and the dog they are in charge of) will participate in related training sessions, games, activities and crafts. Weekly outings will include a one-day trip to visit places to get a dog, including a pet store, breeder and rescue organization in the Orlando area. We will take a weekly lunch outing to a local Orlando restaurant so campers can expose dogs to new environments and work on training in public. We will also be taking the dogs to a veterinary appointment to learn what all is involved in keeping a dog healthy. In addition to the topics covered in our outings, campers will learn about and gain first hand experience in obedience training, bathing & basic grooming, healthy nutrition, how to travel with a dog as well as fun ways to exercise a dog’s body and mind all while working towards successfully placing a dog in its new adoptive home. As part of the experience, campers will learn how rescue organizations select adoptive families and what steps must be taken to ensure a successful adoption.


Participants who fall within the age range must have a registration form and signed parent consent form on file. Campers must agree to follow staff directions, rules and Doglando policies while on and off campus, for their safety, the safety of the dogs they are charged with, and the safety of others. Campers must acknowledge and understand that the puppies they are working with are already matched with adoptive families. It is their job as participants in this camp to work with these families and prepare the puppy for its new life.


This summer camp requires a large commitment from participants. Not only will campers be required to work cooperatively with a teammate, they will need to be invested in the care and training of the dog they are matched with.

In addition to the daily in-camp activities, training sessions and care of the dogs, campers will be expected to meet and work with families at the conclusion of the first week of camp, the opening of the second week and the conclusion of the second week of camp. These meetings will discuss areas in which the dog still requires training/work, set homework for the adoptive families and discuss care for the dog as it transitions into it’s forever home.

We will also require that our campers remain committed to this adoption process by following up with the family on a bi-weekly basis for at least 2 months following the completion of the program. This can be done by phone or e-mail. We understand that this is a lot to ask, but our camp is designed to provide participants with a first-hand understanding of all the dimensions of dogging responsibly.

Ages: 10-13 years old

Summer Camp Sessions:  Call for Availability – (407) 574-3160


(SOLD OUT)  Session I: June 11-22, 2018

(SOLD OUT)  Session II: July 23-Aug 3, 2018

Hours: 8:00am – 4:00pm

Limit: 10 youths per session (Spots are on a first come basis, payment in full is the only way to secure a spot)

Price: $625.00

Location: 12276 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, FL 32826

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June 11-22, 2018, July 23-Aug 3, 2018