TimberNook: Wild Ones


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Join us for an amazing full academic year of TimberNook experience!
Dates: September 25, 2017 – June 18, 2018
(six six-week sessions)
Ages: 7-14 years
Time: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm daily
Cost: $320 registration fee (nonrefundable)
then $240 per six week session, per child
Or $1240 for the entire year (a $200 discount!)
Little Wild Ones sessions run alongside the Wild Ones sessions, with their own counselors and schedule.  Depending on the day’s plans, Little Ones may play right alongside the Wild Ones, or they may have two separate activities and then join up for free play. We encourage children of all ages to learn to play together comfortably while recognizing that younger and older children have different learning styles.
2017-2018 “Survival Series”:

Create a village equipped with homes, shops, a hospital, and a working café in the woods. Form tribes, councils, trading posts, and a greater sense of community. In this yearlong survival series, children will learn wilderness skills in these “larger than life” play experiences, while creating lasting memories. They will also have plenty of time for free play, making new friends, and cooking over an open fire. This program is facilitated and designed by Steve Renner, wildlife ecologist and middle-school educator.

Series 1 (September 25 – October 30) – Tribal Beginnings
Building community by forming tribes, councils, and an entire village of forts as creative as your imagination.
Series 2 (November 6 – December 11) – Water & Fire
Coax an ember into life, purify water to enjoy for “tea time”, and cook diverse foods over an open fire in the village’s cafe.
Series 3 (January 8 – February 12) – Tool Shed
Carve a whistle and play “whistleblower”, test your hand at making traps, and create other “merchandise” to later trade, sell, or keep.
Series 4 (February 19 – March 26) – Nature Shops
Create an assortment of nature shops in the woods and participate in everything from creation of the product to pricing, bartering, and trading.
Series 5 (April 2 – May 7) – Woodland ER
Create a hospital in the woods, equipped with stretchers, hammocks, and herbal remedies.  Learn basic wilderness first aid in this grand-scale play experience.
Series 6 (May 14 – June 18) – Tribal Games
Tracking teams, tribal wars, and challenges on land and in mud – children will test their strength, knowledge, and skills in these “larger than life” tribal play experiences.

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Full Year (Sept 25, 2017 – June 18, 2018), Series I (Sept 25-Oct 30, 2017), Series II (Nov 6-Dec 11, 2017), Series III (January 8-Feb 12, 2018), Series IV (Feb 19-Mar 26, 2018), Series V (Apr 2-May 7, 2018), Series VI (May 14-Jun 18, 2018)